The city of Telfourd is the capital of the continent of Sordasia. It is home to the king of the two continents, as well as the Redstone military. One of the first major settlements on Sordasia, the city sits at the mouth of the Champion River.

Notable locations:

Redstone Keep – the royal compound, contains Redstone Castle and Kestral’s Tower

Gadzooks Gadgets – popular gnomish shop with many interesting items, both magic and alchemical
Dickey’s Doohickeys – another popular gnomish shop with the same sort of inventory
Kiel’s Armory – sells all manner of weapons and armor, run by master smith Evan Kiel
Grace Under Fire – sells bows and crossbows, run by master archer Grace Nasturn
Auger’s Anvil – specializes in special order armor and weapons, run by master smith Auger Farkus

The Tower Inn
The Full Belly Tavern
The Catch of the Day
Might and Magic Tavern
Evenhand Tavern

House of Dawn – Solanus
House of Justice – Librandor, Ebrishim
Temple of Storms – Typhonie
Hall of Battle – Beoram
Temple of the Siblings – Teanos, Raeli


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